“Chévere Latino” is a Spanish quarterly magazine. It focuses on the topics of culture, art, music, fashion, technology, and current events, from a Latin perspective and with a focus on diversity and inclusion. The magazine has an editorial team composed of Latin journalists and writers, who bring their experience and knowledge to the topics they cover. It offers a wide variety of content, from interviews with artists and community leaders, to book and movie reviews, travel reports, and articles on current topics related to the Latin community. In addition, it has a section covering topics of interest to immigrants, including information about government programs and services available. With an attractive design and high-quality printing, “Chévere Latino” is an excellent option for those seeking to stay informed and connected with the Latin culture in Canada.


The word “Chévere” originates from the Spanish language of Latin America. It means “Cool”, “amazing”, or “spectacular”. It is used to describe something that is very good, fun, or interesting. It can also be used to describe a person who is attractive or interesting. In some contexts, it can also be used as an expression of approval or excitement.

‘Latino’ is more inclusive than ‘Hispanic’; it encompasses all people from Latin America, regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, or racial background.

Therefore, “Chévere Latino” could mean something like “cool or awesome” in the context of Latin American culture and people. It could also be used as a friendly greeting, similar to saying “hello” or “good day” to someone who identifies as Latino. Overall, the expression “Chévere Latino” carries a positive and joyful connotation.


“Chévere Latino” through its print magazine and digital platform provides a safe space for the Latin community in Canada to share their stories, perspectives, and experiences. We strive to promote and celebrate the diverse culture, art, music, and history of the Latin community, inform, educate, and inspire our readers through high-quality journalism and connect and unite the Latin community in Canada. Our goal is to be a reliable, informative, and entertaining source of news, features, and analysis that are relevant and meaningful to our community.