Alonso Lara Arcocha - Mexican Ambassador for Chevere Latino YYC

Alonso is originally from Veracruz, commonly known as the first Spaniard municipality in Mexico. The city is located on the Southeast Coast of Mexico. With a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Alonso’s first approach to the industry was during the internship program at Tenaris TAMSA. Alonso’s project was selected from among 150 others to be presented to multiple chiefs and supervisors in the auditorium. Alonso was hired as a Cementing Technical Professional Associate at Halliburton and worked there for over eight years. As part of the trainee program, Alonso must learn while going through all the areas involved in the process, such as the laboratory, Cement bulk plant, Equipment maintenance and casing equipment. He successfully completed the Advanced Cementing program in Villahermosa, Mexico, where he networked and connected with people from all over Latin America. During his duty, he faced several challenges, such as cementing HPHT wells, Lost circulation problems, depleted wells, salt domes, remediation to water influx zones and underbalanced cementing jobs. He had multiple international assignments in Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. He has delivered tailored solutions for various customers, like PEMEX, OXY, YPF, ECOPETROL, GEOPARK and Pan American Energy, for both onshore and offshore wells. During COVID-19, the Oil industry crashed, and Alonso got involved and managed his personal finance, diversifying investments to minimize risks. He decided to make a career change and took Business Administration, majoring in Finance at SAIT with the goal of becoming a Chartered Financial Planner (CFP), and helping people to Alonso Lara Arcocha Mexican Ambassador – Chevere Latino YYC reach their financial goals. He provides his experience and knowledge as a Mexican ambassador for Chevere Latino.